Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcom To Rotem Israel Blog

Welcome to Rotem Israel Blog

Hi every one. My name is David Mann, I am the son of Talma and Rafi Mann. My parents started Rotem over 32 year ago. If you didn't visited the store more then 20 year ago you would have never guess it started as a hardware store. 3 years after I was born my parents made a big decision and move to Arad a desert city 25 miles from the Dead Sea. I consider my self lucy , I can't imagine a better place to grow up, so many kids and no parents in sight ( Most of the day ). but living so far a way from civilization was hard for my parents and at some point when I was 11 they made the second big decision and we moved back to the center about 20 miles north of tel aviv but that was still far from civilization and after less then a year we move to Ramat Hasharon I think it still note in the middle of civilization for my mom for her only Tel Aviv we do I think at some point they will move again. Ramat Hasharon is where they open Rotem If you didn't know Rotem Stand for Rafi and Talma Mann and it it also a name of a desert flower and a very nice name if you ask me.

Well Now I need to go pick up Ittai and Roy ( My two boys ) From the Guitar leasons So by for now

David ( Or Dedy if you talk hebrew )

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  1. Here is our new page in hebrew, Sorry that is the only hebrew page we have right now